Donna Greene


“Donna is fast, smart and super creative. She's also really great to work with and provides great client follow-through!”
—Lorilee Torrey, Festool

“Donna creates beautiful promotional materials, while paying attention to content and catching the small details. I can always count on Donna to get the job done when I need it and need it done right.”
—Cindy Stoutenborough, World Minerals

“The Survival Guide has gotten RAVE reviews! Many thanks for your hard work and creative design.”
—Randy Weiss, Pacific Capital Bancorp

“I have more than enough to do just running my business. I really didn't have the time to struggle through keeping my old site up to date, and adding new products was so confusing that it was hardly worth it. But Donna set up a new site that simplifies all that so much that now I can breeze in there and change anything I want to in no time at all. That's a very good thing because this new site is generating a whole lot more business than the old one ever did. ”
—Greg Loeb, Imperial Guitars

“Over my life as an Executive Director, I have worked with a number of graphic designers and without a doubt Donna Greene has been the best and easiest to work with. She listened to what we wanted the piece to say and represent, and created different right-on pieces every time. From conference brochures to monthly newsletters, we worked with Donna for 10 years, and she was always on time, creatively representing our organization and pleasant in the process. Never defensive and always able to communicate when she felt something needed to be different than we conceived.”
—Pat Hardy, Professional Association of Innkeepers International

“Donna’s level of creativity and skills set of design expertise were indispensable. I am so glad we had those years of working together. She made my life so much easier. For that alone, I will always be grateful.”
—Jo Ann Bell, Professional Association of Innkeepers International

“Donna is very detail oriented as well as creative and great to work with. She is original in her ideas and thorough in her follow through. Working with her is a great cost savings measure as she rarely makes mistakes in the files she provides. I recommend her to my clients knowing they will be grateful for the referral.”
—Janie Arnold, Sales Rep, Haagen Printing

“If you have had designers that lagged, and you had to bug THEM to make changes for you, search no more for your Holy Grail. You have found it in Donna Greene. Timely service. Responsiveness. Artistic designing. Accuracy. What more could you want?”
—Kathleen Griffin, MD, The G Spa

“Donna Greene really listened to what I wanted in a website, then amazed me with her keen sense of design and creative artistic ability. I am absolutely thrilled with her work!”
—Debbie Denke, Debbie Denke Music

“Donna did an amazing job on my toy store logo! She was great to work with — professional, completed each phase of the project on time, creative and was very, very patient with me. I highly recommend Donna, she is absolutely lovely and so is her work!”
—Sarah Hinton, Carpinteria Toy Company

“In 2010, I self-published my life story entitled, "The Carpenter's Daughter." I found the easiest part was writing the story. It was hard to come up with the title and the art work for the cover. I had long admired the art work of my friend, Donna Greene and turned to her for help. It didn't take her long to choose a picture of me at age 2. In the photo style of the early 1920s and Donna's special presentation of the material, she was able to produce the warmth, depth and personal style I could only have hoped for! So many have said that they were drawn to the cover before knowing what was inside.”
—Betty J. Rosness, author

“Donna's work is always excellent. She's easy to work with, has a grasp of our unique needs, and stays within the parameters of our production system using various media, tiny budgets, desperate turnaround times… you name it. I can attest to her abilities and willingness to meet our needs.”
—Sharon Vincent, Insurance Central/Association Group Insurance Administrators (AGIA)

“Greene Design's responsiveness to designing, maintaining, and updating my site is excellent. They came highly recommended, and I pass along the recommendation.”
—Hamilton Sterling, Helikon Sound

“I would highly recommend Donna for any of your graphic needs. She has created several print ads for me that I was very happy with. Some of the feedback I received from clients about the ads were "Stunning" and "Beautiful". She is detail oriented and a pleasure to work with!”
—Roxanne Zbinden, L.E., L.M.T., Cielo Spa & Boutique

“Donna's graphic design work is incredibly beautiful and well-done. She presents your product or service in the best light. I highly recommend her for all your design needs.”
—Barbara Aue, C.P.A., Business Consultant

“When working with a top notch graphic designer, it is so important that they respect your vision of the project while also knowing when to give advice on how to introduce their unique talents and expertise into that vision. Donna Greene is such a designer. I was always so all over the place with what I thought I wanted, and Donna had this way of making me feel understood in my vision but showed me better options and design concepts to make a project work. She also seemed to just have an intuitive understanding of my needs moving forward so that new projects or collaborations became seamless and easy because she "got" me and the business. She took the time to really get to know me. I felt she truly believed in me as an entrepreneur. I don't know about you, but that's who I want involved in my business and my projects. I'm proud to say she was with us at such an integral time for the business and I truly believe her talents and artistry helped grow the business through her design of our marketing projects.”
—Stacey Cooper, BootyCampSB and Stacey Cooper Fitness