Imperial Guitars

The go-to guys for unique and eclectic guitar choices in the guitar world... Weisenborn type, parlor, resonators, and much more.

There is a gallery of photos presented for each model along with sound clips so potential buyers can actually hear what they sound like before purchasing, which has helped to boost sales.

Feel free to check out the site:

Imperial Guitars site

“I have more than enough to do just running my business. I really didn't have the time to struggle through keeping my old site up to date, and adding new products was so confusing that it was hardly worth it. But Donna set up a new site that simplifies all that so much that now I can breeze in there and change anything I want to in no time at all. That's a very good thing because this new site is generating a whole lot more business than the old one ever did.”
—Greg Loeb, Imperial Guitars