Helikon Sound

Hamilton Sterling is a sound designer, composer, editor, and musician who has worked on such films as The Dark Knight, War of the Worlds, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Jimmy Haslip is a producer, composer, musician, and a founding member of the jazz fusion group, Yellowjackets. He also plays in the Allan Holdsworth/Alan Pasqua group, and Jing Chi. Together, Hamilton and Jimmy produced a DVD/CD called “Migration.” Later, Hamilton produced a second CD entitled “Rise and Fall.”

I designed and developed a web site to include both the CDs/DVDs as well as Hamilton Sterling’s sound design for film, etc. It’s like two web sites in one and there's a version in Japanese! www.helikonsound.com

Helikon Sound site Migration CD graphics Rise and Fall CD graphics

“Greene Design's responsiveness to designing, maintaining, and updating my site is excellent. They came highly recommended, and I pass along the recommendation.”

Hamilton Sterling
Helikon Sound